Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Watch Football and Smoke Weed in Denver?

Dear Stoner: Can I smoke weed and watch football at a weed bar or smoking lounge in Denver?
Budz Grant

Dear Budz: Marijuana hospitality is still weak in Denver, so you’re better off staying at home. It’s more affordable, fun and safe that way, and you get screen control. If you can’t do the home setup, though, the first place to go is JAD’s Mile High Smoke, just north of Denver city limits. The only licensed pot bar in Colorado, JAD’s has multiple big screens with cable sports packages, as well as a menu of pre-packaged snacks, drinks and cannabis products for purchase (customers can’t bring their own weed here).
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JAD's Mile High Smoke has smoking utensil for rent and cannabis products for sale.
Jacqueline Collins
You could also hit up the Coffee Joint, a central Denver pot lounge that allows vaping, electronic dabs and edibles (but no smoking or pot sales; guests bring their own), if you want solitude while watching your fantasy football hopes implode. There isn’t much of a TV setup at the Coffee Joint, but you can connect your own devices to wi-fi. And if Tetra Lounge ever gets final approval from the city to open in RiNo, you’ll be able to toke up and watch football there on a handful of TVs. State laws ban alcohol sales at all of these places, however, and you’ll still probably need a ride home. Give me my bong, an air fryer and a 2 p.m. couch nap instead.

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