Ask a Stoner: Why Are Sharing Weed and Beer Viewed Differently?

Ask a Stoner: Why Are Sharing Weed and Beer Viewed Differently?
Dear Stoner: People don't care if I take a beer from the fridge, but when I pack a bowl, they look at me like I'm a thief. Why is sharing weed viewed so differently?

Dear Vern: Unless someone's on their last hit with no routes for a new bag, holding back pot from friends is a clear sign of alligator arms, and one you shouldn't forget. Friends don't let friends stay sober.

We've all been there, though, especially with people we don't know that well, or that friend who grew up an only child. Back when we depended on the reliability of street dealers and cannabis was more expensive, sharing weed was mostly confined to joint circles. While I still won't smoke someone else's weed without asking, cannabis is way cheaper and available now, so I don't see the difference between sharing an eighth and a 24-pack of beer at the Sunday barbecue. Some people are just forever stingy.

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