Ask a Stoner: Can I Host Weed-Selling Parties at My Home?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Can I Host Weed-Selling Parties at My Home?

Dear Stoner: Can someone host parties at their home and sell their friends cannabis products? Could the hostess also deliver those products if her friends couldn’t drive?

Dear Catherine: Not unless the hostess keeps it very hush-hush. Selling any cannabis product with active THC requires a license from the Marijuana Enforcement Division and your local government. Selling legal weed isn’t like running a Mary Kay operation, though doing so in the gray and black areas has garnered quite a few green Cadillacs for those willing to take the risk.

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But just because you’re SOL on selling cannabis-infused goodies doesn’t mean you can’t throw some ganja parties while trying to make a buck. Making and selling your own CBD-infused products is totally legal and doesn’t require you to jump through the same bureaucratic hoops, as long as that CBD is derived from non-psychoactive hemp. You could also sell smoking accessories, such as pipes and vaporizers, while giving your friends small free samples of your personal herb to test them out.

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