It seems like every weekend in Denver there's another fun run with a theme, which is great, really. Sure, there are themed runs (often involving beer before, during or after) in other cities, but surely not with the frequency, participation level or gusto as we can boast here in Colorado. It's an active culture in Denver and that translates right into dressing up like an idiot, meeting up with other idiots dressed the same, and hitting the bars. After a 5K, usually.

So with the plethora of themed events in Denver, how do you know which one is right for you? We've devised this service-y flowchart for you, Show and Tell readers. And one other thing -- if you think you've landed on an event that's suited to your tastes, click your mouse on it and you'll be taken to a slide show that with photos so you can be sure.

Happy hunting!

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