101.5 FM's New Local Show Debuts Next Thursday

Received word earlier today from my boy Whip, 101.5 FM's music director, that KTNI's new locals show will make its broadcast debut next Thursday night from 10 p.m. to midnight. In a new twist in local programming, the show, set to be hosted by Whip himself, will be broadcast live from Herman's Hideaway, with performances from Kyle Galanaugh, Dave Preston and Down Maddie Band. This afternoon's announcement carried with a bit of controversy.

During his afternoon drive time show today, the always entertaining, some times acid-tongued Whip (formerly Whipping Boy) took some shots at his old colleague Nerf (aka Jed Freedman) over at KTCL. Calling him out, Whip alleged that his former associate had threatened several unnamed local acts that they would be blackballed from KTCL if they submitted their work to 101.5 and had it played on the air.

Nerf, the station's program director, who himself hosts afternoons at KTCL, flatly denied the accusations when reached by phone a short time later. "He's a friend of mine," said Nerf. "I'm sad to hear he's anti-me or something. I don't know. I wish him the best. I've got no vendetta against anybody, and I definitely haven't threatened any local bands with anything.

"I would never hold any band’s ambition against them," added Nerf in a subsequent e-mail. "They should utilize any and all means to achieve notoriety. I’d never do anything to hinder the Colorado music scene’s success."

So there you have it, kids. In the borrowed words of the illustrious Fox News, we report, you decide.

For airplay consideration on Whip's new local show, Local Independent Live, bands should send CDs directly to the station at the address listed below. -- Dave Herrera

101.5 FM c/o Whip 3033 South Parker Rd #700 Aurora, CO 80014

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.