2009 Westword Music Showcase headliners

Recognize the dudes pictured above? If you do, then you're probably pretty stoked right now. That's right -- Built to Spill will be headlining this year's Showcase. Hold on. There's more... you know we always have more than one act on the mainstage, right? Well, how about some Mudhoney? (No, we're not kidding.) Wait, it gets even better. Ever heard of a little band from Denver called the Fluid? Uh-huh, got them, too. Last but certainly not least, before they kick off their summer tour with the Fray, we convinced the gentlemen of Meese to perform at the Showcase, which takes place this year on Saturday, June 13 -- just two weeks prior to the date their Atlantic debut, Broadcast, hits stores. Ready for the best part? Tickets for this shindig are less than you'd expect to pay to see one of these bands. Add to that more than fifty of the best local acts, and this may just be the best value of the summer, even if we do say so ourselves (of course, we are, ahem, a little biased). Tune into KTCL later this week for full details and the chance to take advantage of a special presale.

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