2009 Westword Music Showcase: Who are the acts we missed this year? Let us know.

Okay, so we know we're just asking for it when we put this out there, but taking your feedback into consideration, it's clear that as inclusive and considered as we strove for the nomination process to be, invariably we ended up missing some worthy artists. So far, the acts that have been mentioned include Aaron Espe, Vonnegut, the Dendrites, the Nod, DJ Mu$a, Dust on the Breakers, Sonnenblume, Sixtysixdays, the Bottesini Project, Kosmos, Ego vs. Id and Magic Cyclops. In the past, we would've chalked such oversights up to woulda-coulda-shoulda, but this year, we're doing something completely unplanned and certainly unprecedented: We're going to add five acts to the ballot. Which five acts, you ask? Well, that part's up to you. Whichever artists clearly generate the most comments on this blog item between now and midnight on Monday, April 27, will be added to the ballot in the appropriate category. Wait. There's more. Ready for the best part? One of those acts will be invited to invited to perform at the Showcase. You talk. We listen. All right, have at it.

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