25 reasons the Denver music scene rules

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25. Can't speak for the cover scene... ...but people here will pay good money to hear your own songs, and if you're good -- or, better yet, if you're good and show potential -- they'll come back.

24. People are incredibly passionate about music The only thing bigger than music in Denver is the Broncos. And you know how we feel about them, right? Music fans are every bit as excitable. Don't believe us? Try painting over a beloved mural and see what happens.

23. People here are adventurous listeners We're early adapters here. Tons of bands have gotten love here before anybody else in the country even knew who they were. Ask Phish and the Dave Matthews Band. Fans aren't afraid to give new music a chance, even if they've never heard of you.

22. There's no shortage of places to play If it seems like we have almost as many venues here as we have dispensaries, it's because we do. Okay, not really, but there's an unbelievable number of incredible places to see and play live music, and more and more are cropping up all the time.

21. There's no shortage of places to record Whatever your budget and needs are, there's a plethora of amazing studios where you can record with talented engineers to help produce your masterpiece, whether you're playing punk or funk or metal or blues or folk, and whether you're looking for digital or analog, in a home studio or a world-class room.

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Dave Herrera
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