25 reasons the Denver music scene rules

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20. There's no shortage of talented videographers You can tell somebody how cool something is all you want. You can be as colorful, passionate and descriptive as you want, but the best way to get your point across is simply to just show them, and in the viral age we live in, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Lucky for us, there's a gaggle of talented videographers and editors out there to help document the music of the Mile High City.

19. There's no shortage of talented artists and designers As many talented musicians as we have in this town, there are at least as many talented visual artists, ridiculously talented illustrators and designers like Noah Van Sciver, Ravi Zupa, Ken Serafin and Jonathan Till, among others. And each of them have unique styles and visions that more than do justice to the music.

18. You can actually make it here As first proven by the Fray and subsequently by countless other bands -- including, most recently, the Lumineers, an act that got its start playing open-mic nights at the Meadowlark -- you can actually make it from Denver without having to change your sound or to move somewhere else.

17. There is no definitive sound here In the early part of the last decade, and even to some extent now, people bemoaned the fact that Denver didn't have a definitive sound like more ballyhooed places such as Seattle or Athens. But then folks seemed to stop giving a shit about trivial stuff like that and just made great music. So, yeah, the bands don't all sound the same here, and that's a good thing. How boring would it be if they did?

16. The sound doesn't suck Okay, so while, granted, you probably won't have to look too far to find a place where the sound sucks, you also won't have to look too hard to find a competent sound person who takes pride in making sure that you sound good.

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