25 reasons the Denver music scene rules

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15. That "local music" stigma has all but disappeared A decade ago or more, when you attached the word "local" to the music being made here, it almost had a negative connotation. In some people's minds, the designation instantly conjured notions of an inferior product -- and it wasn't necessarily the quality of art (although that, too, has improved dramatically); it was more for the quality of the product, from the artwork to the recordings, which some considered sub-standard. These days, that predisposition isn't as prevalent. Hell, some labels thought enough of the independent versions of the recordings to re-release the records as is.

14. EDM isn't a new phenomenon in Denver While there's all this talk everywhere in the country about the rise of electronic dance music, Denver has always been a hotbed for EDM. Long before it even had a name, people were getting down -- and they're still getting down, at some of the hottest dance clubs in the world.

13. The Colorado Voice Clinic Where else in the world do you know of that when you have trouble with your voice, you can easily make an appointment with a pair of world-class voice doctors and get scoped and treated by the same docs who treat damn near every major artist to come to town? Uh, that would be nowhere else.

12. Noah Van Sciver In addition to illustrating fliers and providing cover art for bands like the Swayback, Backbeat's own Noah Van Sciver has immortalized countless bands in his weekly cartoon strip 4 Questions. Being featured in the strip has almost become a rite of passage at this point, and Denver's lucky to have such a world-class dude documenting the scene.

11. Bob Ferbrache A local treasure for more than three decades, Bob Ferbrache is a world-renowned producer who's done records for everyone from the Fluid to Slim Cessna's Auto Club. And he's done it all from the basement of a humble house in Westminster. Ferbrache puts an excruciating amount of care into all that he does, and the results are undeniable.

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