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25 Things We Learned at Riot Fest 2014

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For a band that's been playing punk music since well before many of the Riot Fest attendees were born, ALL puts on an amazingly energetic show. It also proves that Colorado has a lot to offer musically -- it's not all eighteen-year-olds with shiny new vans. OC
May Farms, Byers General Store, and Byers Country Feed all leant their names to the stages at Riot Fest this year. Banners on either side of the stage showed pictures of exactly what we were missing out on the Farm. Courtney Harrell
Skaters were one of the lesser-know bands among some of the older set, but the kids sure do love them. With a Clash-meets-Gang Of Four vibe, Skaters are more than the clothes they wear (though their outfits are clearly important to them), getting the early-evening crowd dancing and hopping around. Those white sneakers though... OC Where some pop-punk bands find it hard to make the transition from small venues to big stages, New Found Glory just seems to get better at playing to enormous crowds as the years go by. Despite being the epitome of the cookie-cutter mall-punk band, NFG puts on a good show for its fans. OC
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