29th Street Disciples' new disc is pure napalm

We've had a burned copy of this for a minute, but we forgot just how utterly kick-ass it is. Needless to say, when the new, pressed, Zodiak Killer version came across our desk this afternoon, we got a refresher, and all we can say is holy fuck, man! Sounding like the wayward, amphetamine-addled offspring of the almighty Fluid (and thereby the distant hellion descendants of the Stooges), the 29th Street Disciples throw a blanket party in broad daylight for all would-be punk pretenders and also-rans, only instead of bars of soap, these cats substitute D-sized batteries for maximum bruising and indentation. And this hot piece of, er, plastic (can't wait to hear this on vinyl) was recorded at Uneven Studios by Bryan Feuchtinger, so you know it sounds killer, too. Trust us -- these dudes are the motherfuckers. Go ahead and check out "Saturday Night Stand" after the jump and see if you disagree.

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