2nd Annual Sports Authority Rock 'n Roll Denver Marathon looking for bands to perform

Having people run away from you in herds while you're performing is not particularly desirable, generally speaking. Unless, of course, you find yourself playing on the side of the road on a Sunday morning at some godforsaken hour for musicians (anytime before the crack of noon) during a marathon. In that case you're probably stoked to see folks striding by.

If that sounds like fun to you, here's your chance to rock the run. On Sunday, October 9, the 2nd Annual Sports Authority Rock 'n Roll Denver Marathon is taking place, and organizers are looking for bands to play at various spots along the 26 mile route. Applications are now being accepted. We've posted a link to the submission form below, and you can find complete details at Competitor.com.

A quick heads-up before you apply: Upbeat "high-energy" music is what they're reportedly looking for, so if you're a sad sack singer-songwriter, feel free to apply, but be we're guessing that your music might not make the best soundtrack.

How to Apply (from Competitor.com)

  1. Download and complete Band Contact Info Sheet
  2. Provide a CD or web link where our staff can review at least two original or cover songs performed by your band.
  3. Provide a high-resolution photo (JPEG) of your band
  4. Submit your materials by August 10th to the address on the Band Contact Info Sheet

For more information please contact RonMarathon@Gmail.com

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