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3OH!3 gets enviable Walmart co-sign, prepares to print its own money

Update: The media onslaught continues. Just received word that 3OH!3 is slated to perform on Jay Leno next Thursday, July 22 (REMINDER: That's tonight). Is this their Tonight Show debut? Think it is.

Alright, just when you think 3OH!3 had reached maximum exposure on the retail and media front, comes word that the Boulder-based outfit now has Walmart doing its bidding. Regardless of your feelings Walmart, this is a pretty big deal.

How big? Well, lets put it this way: The last artists in recent memory who have actually achieved platinum status -- you know, when there was such a thing, selling more than million records -- did it by selling their titles exclusively through Walmart.

And while that's not the case here, the retail behemoth clearly has the captive attention of mainstream America. And so any remaining members of the hoi polloi that the 3OH!3 dudes have somehow managed to miss will be touched by the Walmart campaign, which includes being touted on monitors at check out stands and throughout the store.

Visit Walmart's soundcheck page to see an exclusive live performance from L.A., plus photos and an interview. If nothing else, it's worth checking out just see how the duo makes the lines, "And tell you're boyfriend, if he says he's got beef/That I'm a vegetarian, and I ain't fucking scared of him" Walmart-friendly.

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