3OH!3's "My First Kiss" featured on So You Think You Can Dance

While we always suspected that you could really cut a rug to 3OH!3's music -- especially "My First Kiss," the first single from the outfit's new album, Streets of Gold, and the video of which also earned the outfit another MTV VMA nomination earlier this week -- now we have proof, thanks to Kent Boyd and his partner Anya Garnis.

They're the couple who did an impressive little cha-cha-cha to the tune last week on So You Think You Can Dance. Now Fred Astaire we are not (there's a reason we chose the word "suspected" above), but just the same, when dude's miming kissing her around the 1:08 mark, doesn't it look like he's trying to pop off her head like a spiteful younger brother mistreating his little sister's Barbie?

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