3OH!3's new record to be chock full of the kind of shit people blog about

On June 29, 3OH!3 is slated to release Streets of Gold, the eagerly anticipated and sure to be stupefying follow-up to Want, the act's 2008 Photo Finish debut. What we know about the record thus far, to wit: It will presumably contain a song called "House Party," a tune that's so over the top that you'd rightly think the dudes are putting you on. They're not, apparently. Andrew WK has already submitted a remix.

Some more insight we gleaned just now from watching this clip from the Streets of Gold rockumentary -- and directly the lips of some Sonny Crockett looking record company bro with a blue tooth ear-piece (permanently?) attached to his head: The album is apparently going to be chock full of "smash jams" that are "in your face" and "controversial" -- you know, "the kind of shit people blog about." (Blogs are big these days, evidently. Who knew?)

Next Monday, May 3 Right now, the dynamic duo will be is premiering Streets of Gold's first single, "My First Kiss," featuring Ke$ha, and we can see if any of these claims hold true -- and pre-order the new album, of course.

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