A dozen cost-effective (read: cheap) music-related costume ideas for Halloween

Sometimes, you just don't have the cash lying around to splurge on that expensive Halloween costume. Fear not, young heathens! We have compiled a list of costumes for you that cost nearly nothing. In fact, you probably have the materials lying around the house. Click through for some ideas. And, oh, Happy Halloween!

Flea Materials: One sock. (Note: carry a bass, or you'll look like a pervert) Directions: Put sock on genitals. Hope someone doesn't pull it off. The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist is an easy costume, but certainly not an easy character. The key to maintaining this role is juggle your personalities between complete fucking maniacal bassist and semi-pro actor auditioning for a role in the sequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, thus equating to a total lunatic who can shred a bass.

Lady Gaga Materials: Two packs of Hormel Bacon, one roll of dental floss, one t-bone steak Directions: Sew bacon strips together with floss to create a dress, wear t-bone steak as a hat. Lady Gaga's meat dress is not a big surprise, but we imagine that if you are going cheap on a costume this year, then you are not going to waste time on keeping up with the pop star's fashion faux pas. Either way, men love bacon and will naturally attract to your scent, but on that note, so will bloodhounds. It is guaranteed that anyone dressed up as Scooby-Doo, Clifford, or any other canine will hit on you.

Daft Punk Materials: Christmas lights, cyborg motherboard parts, new skeletal structure Directions: Undergo surgery to become a robot. Daft Punk had a daunting rebirth a few years ago and actually woke up as robots. Yes, its true. They are robots. If you would like to mimic this costume, all you will need is a small battery pack to connect your Christmas lights to, a motorcycle helmet to wrap them around, and a large light up pyramid capable of entrancing everyone that sees it. One more time, Daft Punk is robots. Celebrate. Oh Yea. Alright.

Justin Bieber Materials: A Mallard, Kanye West's sunglasses, a $500 spending spree at Express. Directions: Attach mallard to the frontal lobe of your head (this is your wig), wear sunglasses, dress yourself in Express clothes. Justin Bieber is the closest thing to perfect that any of us normal people will ever see. He smiles better, he laughs better, he dances better and he sings better. On Halloween, it could be quite scary just acting like the Biebs because there is a good chance you will get over-the-clothes fondled by many a Selena Gomez costumed girls. You also might suffer from personal hysteria when looking in the mirror, but the duck should calm you down.

Lil Wayne Materials: Sharpee Directions: Draw intimidating tattoos of the things you own, want to do or have done, all over your body The Weezy costume isn't easy to embody, but it sure is easy to imitate. In order to pull of a convincing Weezy F. Baby, you'll need to constantly be smoking blunts, sipping 'drank' from a red cup, and telling people just what you plan on doing when you plan on doing it, at all times. It's like being your own personal John Madden, except you'll speak about yourself in the first person. Don't forget to draw the tattoos on either, otherwise you'll just look like another Colfax crack head talking about all the things you plan on doing.

Derek Vincent Smith of PrettyLights Materials: Tomorrow's most fashionable flat-billed hat, a puffy jacket, jeans Directions: Wear clothes and hold your head up Pretty Lights owns the production realm of music. This guy has transformed the way we look and think of music, in this genre at least. He makes a lot of it, gives it away for free, then sells out every show that he puts on. It's ridiculous. As Smith on Halloween, you can walk around and talk about the next seven albums you'll be releasing in the coming three weeks, as well as the sell out festival runs you have lined up for the summer. It's all in the persona, bro.

Weird Al Yankovic Materials: Wig, suit, glasses, goofy shoes Directions: Wear wig, glasses, suit and shoes. Try not to get punched. In order to fully "be" the Weird Al character, you must study his every move, from the early UHF days to the later "It's All About the Pentiums," days. His saga as a musician and film star was rather short lived, but his voice lives on in amazing tracks "Amish Paradise," "Party in the CIA," and the famous Michael Jackson remake "Fat."

Insane Clown Posse Materials: Face paint, Faygo, bad attitude Directions: Paint your face like a clown and spray Faygo on everyone Insane Clown Posse is a cult: It sucks you in and eats your soul, leaving you helpless and swimming in a sea of fanatical followers. Now imagine being the leader of said cult. The possibilities are scary.

Skrillex Materials: Black framed glasses, hair clippers, waffle print shirt, black jeans Directions: Shave the side of your head, wear the rest of the materials Sonny Moore, better known to the electronic world as Skrillex, has taken the dubstep sensation global. If being Skrillex is your Halloween desire, just walk around and be generally over-excited about every wave of bass you hear. Maybe try slinging your hair around randomly, and making the monotonous, non-smiling face when a camera is presented before you.

Black Metal Band (generic) Materials:Spike bracelets, leather clothes, combat boots, four gallons of cow blood Directions: Sport all of the materials in whatever fashion you want, and be angry To successfully pull of the Black Metal Band look, you first have to denounce any religious affiliation beyond Atheistic practices. Next, you need to cover yourself in at least two gallons of cows blood so that it looks like you just got out of battle. Finally, take the remaining two gallons of cows blood and spray it at anyone who questions what you are doing and who you are for Halloween. This will ensure that no one wants to be your friend, nor will they think you have any sort of weakness, and they will definitely listen to your band.

The Flaming Lips Materials: Iconic children's television costumes, bubbles, laser hands Directions: Dance like you ate a bunch of LSD and found an iconic children's television costume Wayne Coyne and the troupe put on one helluva show. If you want to be one of the troupe, simply find a neon colored, child friendly costume and dance around singing "She Don't Use Jelly." If you want to be Wayne Coyne, find an Albert Einstein wig, a p-coat, and a scarf, then say random poignant things like "We love it when we make mistakes that are better than something you could think up." (For added effect, glue lasers to your hands)

Bjork Materials: Feathers, fur, bones, garbage, etc. Directions: Make an outfit out of whatever it is you happen to have lying around that serves no conventional use, then wear it. Bjork's videos are always cutting edge. Whether she is dancing around in a peacock dress, prancing through the woods in a bear outfit, or simply staring at the screen with an oozing mercury looking substance trickling in and out of her nose, she pushes the envelope. This character also allows for nonsensical statements, which means you can get absolutely plastered and remain in character, probably enhance it actually! Research her songs, though, in case someone asks you to sing one; don't want to look stupid for no reason.

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