A dozen cost-effective (read: cheap) music-related costume ideas for Halloween

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Lil Wayne Materials: Sharpee Directions: Draw intimidating tattoos of the things you own, want to do or have done, all over your body The Weezy costume isn't easy to embody, but it sure is easy to imitate. In order to pull of a convincing Weezy F. Baby, you'll need to constantly be smoking blunts, sipping 'drank' from a red cup, and telling people just what you plan on doing when you plan on doing it, at all times. It's like being your own personal John Madden, except you'll speak about yourself in the first person. Don't forget to draw the tattoos on either, otherwise you'll just look like another Colfax crack head talking about all the things you plan on doing.

Derek Vincent Smith of PrettyLights Materials: Tomorrow's most fashionable flat-billed hat, a puffy jacket, jeans Directions: Wear clothes and hold your head up Pretty Lights owns the production realm of music. This guy has transformed the way we look and think of music, in this genre at least. He makes a lot of it, gives it away for free, then sells out every show that he puts on. It's ridiculous. As Smith on Halloween, you can walk around and talk about the next seven albums you'll be releasing in the coming three weeks, as well as the sell out festival runs you have lined up for the summer. It's all in the persona, bro.

Weird Al Yankovic Materials: Wig, suit, glasses, goofy shoes Directions: Wear wig, glasses, suit and shoes. Try not to get punched. In order to fully "be" the Weird Al character, you must study his every move, from the early UHF days to the later "It's All About the Pentiums," days. His saga as a musician and film star was rather short lived, but his voice lives on in amazing tracks "Amish Paradise," "Party in the CIA," and the famous Michael Jackson remake "Fat."

Insane Clown Posse Materials: Face paint, Faygo, bad attitude Directions: Paint your face like a clown and spray Faygo on everyone Insane Clown Posse is a cult: It sucks you in and eats your soul, leaving you helpless and swimming in a sea of fanatical followers. Now imagine being the leader of said cult. The possibilities are scary.

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