Westword Music Showcase

A few changes to the Showcase ballot

Okay, so even though we've been doing this Showcase for sixteen years -- sixteen!, can you believe it? -- we still haven't perfected this ballot process, even if we think you'll agree that we came closer than ever to nailing it this year.

Still, a number of acts -- and/or their fans -- feel they've been misfiled in one category or other. For instance, one reader argued that the Jim Jims probably make a better fit in the Post-Punk category -- where we originally had the act before moving it to Indie Rock. Really, it could work in either.

When it comes to music, things are rarely black and white these days. Fact is, countless acts cross multiple genres, which makes for more interesting music, sure -- but also makes pinning them down considerably more challenging. Nonetheless, we did our best to match each act with the category that mirrored the most dominant aspects of its sound. If you think we blew it, well, we'll just have to agree to disagree on those.

But there were a couple of missteps we'll acknowledge right now. Big Wheel makes more sense in the Hip-Hop Band category rather than Hip-Hop Group, so we're going to go ahead and change that designation. Oh and speaking of Hip-Hop Band, we're correcting the spelling of "MTHDS," currently listed on the ballot "MHTDS."

Finally, much to our chagrin, particularly since we championed her so zealously early on, we somehow left Danielle Anderson -- better known by her nom de tune, Danielle Ate the Sandwich -- off the ballot. She was on our initial list and namechecked by countless committee members, but somehow we blew it. So we've rectified that, too, and added Danielle Ate the SandwIch to Singer-Songwriter category.

Look for another big Showcase announcement shortly.

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Dave Herrera
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