A first listen to "Forecasts" by the Epilogues

Ah, what a pleasant way to end the week: How about a brand spanking new track from The Epilogues? Thank you, sir. Don't mind if I do. Still hot to the touch, the song was just posted minutes ago, and offers an interesting side of the band that we don't get to see all that often. Drained of all the group's typical bombast, Forecast finds the Epilogues -- appearing on the mainstage at this year's Westword Music Showcase -- delivering a completely earnest and anomalous ballad. Click through to give a listen.

Forecasts by theepilogueschris

The Epilogues "Forecasts"

Blanket me in clouds of grief because I need them to survive And though it's meant to heal, I feel it's hurting me tonight Pulling me, tearing me

I'm so afraid that this cloud will someday fall And the person standing there, no I don't recognize at all It isn't me, it isn't me

Well I don't know what I'm doing here But pieces fall together for the reasons I can't share And I know I need to find my place I know it's not forever but it sure feels like I've made a mistake Because this is not way that it should be I know it's not the way it should be

So blanket me tonight with a grin a playful smile And it will tuck away what is tearing me inside Cover me, bury me

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