A first look at Danielle Ate the Sandwich's new video for "Where the Good Ones Go"

So here's a new twist: Danielle Ate the Sandwich has released a new video on YouTube, and from the looks of it, it's a bit of a departure from the quaint, self-filmed-in-her-apartment shorts from which she initially made her name. No pithy quips, witty repartee or rousing covers on this one.

Rather this clip looks to be an honest-to-goodness music video (directed and edited by Ryan Anthony Martin and co-produced by Nick Celentano) featuring the lovely Ms. Sandwich singing a delightful little ditty of her own called "Where the Good Ones Go." Oh don't worry. It's still plenty quirky. The whole thing centers on the singer wandering around a ranch on some sort of scavenger hunt, collecting buttons, thread and a pin cushion, and then sewing some sort of garment that she later adorns a tree. (?) Have a look below.


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