A first look at F.O.E.'s "Brand New" video

Just got a peep of F.O.E.'s "Brand New" video, one of two, ahem, brand new clips directed by the seemingly indefatigable Eric Heights, a cat who is steady on the grind. The track, which appears on F.O.E. and DJ Awhat's excellent mixtape, The Format Vol. 1, is given a pretty literal reading here with a storyline that follows the lyrics pretty closely. It's a classic love story.

Well, actually, don't let the slick hook fool you. This a love story alright, but really it's a tale of good love gone bad. Real bad. OJ bad. Oh, sure, things start off idyllic enough -- boy meets girl, woos her, falls in love with her at the exclusion of his friends -- but then, thanks to her, um, errant tendencies, boy loses his damn mind and things quickly devolve into the land of terrifyingly unhealthy obsessions followed by court-ordered restraining orders.

If it's not apparent from the opening frames in which he's seen wearing a shirt that says "Alot of freaks Not Enough Circuses," F.O.E. clearly has a twisted sense of humor, and it's on full display here -- don't miss the shot of him hovering pensively over a scrapbook containing a used tampon (!) next to the words "We'll keep tryin', boo. You will have my baby."


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