A first look at Skyfox's new video

By now you've probably heard that Skyfox is among the latest Denver acts to land a record deal, specifically, the group is the most recent addition to the Crappy Records roster -- a completely fitting association if there ever was one. The label is owned in part by Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick, whose Denton, Texas-based outfit Skyfox's particularly brand of pop punk most clearly evokes (the open tab the outfit has with Blink 182, notwithstanding -- this main refrain of this track, "Run Away," in particular, is a melodic first cousin of "What's My Name Again?"). Anyhow, we just had a chance to screen the band's new video and it seems just poised to get facetime on Fuse and MTV2. Shot on the mean streets of some non-descript suburb that resembles, well, any other non-descript suburb filled with row houses on the outskirts of virtually any city in the country, the performance clip centers on a urban sprawl theme, as skyscrapers gingerly sprout up in the background while the band plays before eventually receding back into the horizion. Give it a look after the jump.

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