A first look at Skyline Surrender's "We're Going to Winchesta" video

The quality of videos coming out of the Mile High City these days is pretty astounding. Gone are the days of convincing a buddy with a camcorder to spend an afternoon trying to make something "artsy." Within the past few years, the quality of videos seems to have risen in direct proportion with the quality of recordings. Likewise, there's as many good directors it seems as there are producers and engineers. Case in point: Just came across this video for the song "We're Going to Winchesta" from Skyline Surrender, an act we grilled last month in tandem with the release of its latest effort, This Is Character. Pretty impressive, yeah? Take a look and see what you think and then catch Skyline Surrender this Thursday, October 15 at Quixotes with Destruction of a Rose and No Bragging Rights.

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