A first look at Sole and the Skyrider Band's "Bad Captain Swag"

Sole and the Skyrider Band have always played by their own rules, but with their new video for "Bad Captain Swag," the Denver quintet illustrates how iconoclastic tendencies can change the idea of music video to sci-fi flick with impressive results.

The track came from the group's Hello Cruel World, which dropped last year, and features contributions from Bay Area Internet celebrity Lil B and hometown DIY-dance-maniac Pictureplane. The resulting video, which premiered earlier today (via MTVIggy), is somewhere between the '80s epic Captain EO and a post-apocalyptic war against the robot spokesperson for Svedka vodka.

While technology like flip cams might have lowered the bar for music-video production, allowing almost anyone to be a director, the video for "Bad Captain Swag" clearly shows how technology, mainly slick CGI, can separate a video from the pack of pretenders. But how long until the technology gets smart enough to enslave humanity and real life looks like this video? If your day needs a jump-start, try out this explosion of politically infused, dystopian cyborg battle that would make Isaac Asimov quiver. Keep an eye out for clever details like the "Plug Life" stomach tattoo that pops up during Lil B's verse.

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