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A first look at the video for "Cry Baby," the title track from Eric Shiveley's forthcoming album

Eric Shiveley has steadily progressed as a filmmaker over the years. Since first making his cinematic debut almost four years ago with Everyone but You, the documentary he shot, directed, edited and produced all by his lonesome, Shiveley has gotten a handle on this whole moving-pictures thing. As with his documentary, Shiveley did all the work on the video for "Cry Baby" himself.

Shiveley has clearly figured out how to maximize his resources while keeping production costs down. With that in mind, if you've seen any of his past work, you'll notice that he relies on a couple of constants here, including holiday lights strung up for ambience and texture and shots of himself crooning in a suit, with his beloved and picturesque San Luis Valley serving as the backdrop. Keying in on the fact that much of the video appears to have been filmed at the abandoned New Frontier drive-in in Center, Colorado, a stylized montage plays throughout on two televisions facing each other in the darkness.

As for the song: The dependably heartrending ballad is the title track from the singer's forthcoming album, which earned its name, Shiveley reveals, by virtue of the fact that "I'm always hung up on someone and whining about it."Crybaby is available now for pre-order for $10 -- partly to pay for the giant TV he bought for the video, which was almost smashed by the spinning metal star.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.