A first look at Wire Faces "Tame You" video, directed by Darren Mahuron of Summit Studios

Wire Faces (due tomorrow night at the Gothic Theater with Take to the Oars, Calling Out West, Filthy T and the Fairgrounds) has unveiled a brand new video for the song "Tame You," directed by Darren Mahuron of Summit Studios.

While those outside of Fort Collins may not immediately register Mahuron's name or be familiar with the name Summit Studios, you've surely seen his handiwork. Mahuron's highly distinctive still photography for bands ranging from Tickle Me Pink to Muskateer Gripweed has pretty much single-handedly provided Fort Collins-based acts a striking, instantly recognizable, singular identity.

This clip, which features live footage of the outfit interspersed with the dudes playing in front of a mural being painted by Keith VAn Eron and Ryan Guillaume, is shot and edited in a stop motion fashtion that perfectly complements the band's delectable brand of post-punk. Have a look below.

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