A grimy little piece of Denver's musical history scrubbed clean

Alright, get an eyeful of this picture. Take it all in. Notice anything wrong? Look closer. What about now? Right. Exactly. There's nothing wrong. In fact, the building in this photo has ample curb appeal, wouldn't you say? Precisely. And that's what has us dismayed.

Before this handsome piece of Capitol Hill real estate got a facelift, you see, it used to house the world famous Cricket on the Hill, Denver's dearly departed answer to CBGBs.

While the building, which has been expanded to make more room for Nicolo's Pizza, clearly now looks impeccable and we admit that a renovation was long overdue, we can't help but feel a little wistful as we reflect on the all the history that was scrubbed off in the process. Wonder if this is how New Yorkers felt when John Varvatos opened up on Bleeker Street? Oh well, at least it's Nicolo's going into the space, a place also near and very dear to our pizza-loving hearts.

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