a Melodic Daydream comes to an end, offers up a Swan Song for free download on Bandcamp

After a respectable seven year run, a Melodic Daydream has called it a day. But rather than just quietly striding off into the sunset, the Fort Collins-based duo of Lnz Kayd and Chris Newton has opted to go out on a high note, quite literally. The pair has left behind a bittersweet epitaph in the form of a Swan Song, a fittingly titled, seven-song final offering featuring seven of the outfit's favorite songs. The two broke the news earlier this week on their website:

A Melodic Daydream...has been put to rest.

We would like to graciously thank all our fans, friends and family for your support, encouragement and love. For those of you that brought us into your lives by embracing our music - we won't ever be able to explain how much that means.

In our 7 years together we musically were able to explore our artistic expression and truly create an original sound that was all our own. We will forever remain very proud of that and consider it precious. We were able to come together from very different musical backgrounds and create. What we created between us was very simply raw musical emotion. We chose to take risks, we were always honest and above all fiercely brave.

It is impossible for us to express our gratitude in a few short words so we choose to do what we've always done and let our music speak for us. Our final release, a Swan Song, is a gift to you. We chose 7 of our favorite songs, closing out with live version of Shine that is one of our most treasured moments with our band. We want to leave you with this and thank you for coming along for the ride. It has truly been an adventure that has shaped the rest of our lives...

With Love and much gratitude,


LnZ & Chris

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.