A Salute to the Supporting Cast of Run the Jewels 2

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Little Shalimar The unheralded behind-the-scenes star of the show, Little Shalimar snags co-production status on about half of the album's tracks, along with adding guitar and synth licks to "Blockbuster Night Part 1." Don't sleep on Lil' Sha's skills.

Wilder Zoby Brooklyn-based Wilder Zoby contributes keys work on Run the Jewels 2's opening and closing cuts, along with a production assist on the razor-sharp "Oh My Darling Don't Cry." To dip into the man's own vault, check out 2013's lothario-esque "Contagious," itself co-produced by El-Producto.

Michael Winslow Yep, the world's finest beat-boxing Police Academy graduate is the voice behind the robotic refrain on "Oh My Darling Don't Cry."

Diane Coffee A former member of indie rocksters Foxygen, Shaun Fleming now records as Diane Coffee and released his own debut album last year. Titled My Friend Fish, it was spearheaded by the woozy and wistful single "Green." Fleming's vocals and piano work can also be heard on RTJ2's "Crown."

Smoota Hip-hop's most important trombone riff of 2014 goes to Smoota, whose brass work forms part of the opening cut "Jeopardy." Check out the man's Fetishes album from last year for more of his often salacious ditties.

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Phillip Mlynar