A Salute to the Supporting Cast of Run the Jewels 2

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Zack De La Rocha Given the task of closing out the ferocious "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)," the Rage Against the Machine man puts in a Run the Jewels-worthy turn. Although at times his voice somewhat resembles '91-era Queen Latifah (not a slight).

Isaiah Owens "Angel Duster" is Run the Jewels 2's dramatic endnote. Part of the song's climactic appeal comes from the keys woven into the fabric of the production. Those notes are the tinkerings of Isaiah Owens, whose prior musical dalliances include the Mars Volta and Jack White.

Gangsta Boo The potty-mouthed Southern chanteuse is the one applauding her man for making a porno tape on "Love Again."

Travis Barker Make room for the funky drummer, this time with former Blink-182 and Transplants sticksman Travis Barker being responsible for the percussive heart of "All Due Respect." When not galavanting with Run the Jewels, Barker spends his spare time laying down-drum patterns for rap kids like Yelawolf and Hopsin.

James McNew A Yo La Tengo mainstay, James McNew broadened his bass chops to include contributing additional, brooding low-end noise on "Early."

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Phillip Mlynar