Everything is still coming up roses these days for A Shoreline Dream. After roaring out of the gate in 2006, wisely aligning itself with Paste and Filter Magazines and Urban Outfitters, to then earning a nod in Urb's Next 100 issue last spring and collaborating with Ulrich Schnauss, the act has made all the right moves. Considering that frontman Ryan Policky literally mortgaged his future on the band, it's not surprising to see that he's ensured that everything about the band, from the packaging and presentation to the quality of the recordings, has been first rate. And it's continuing to payoff. Yesterday, on its blog, Wired name checked the band alongside My Bloody Valentine for the act's forthcoming record, Recollections of Memory, which saw its local broadcast debut a few nights ago on Mile Hi-Fidelity. The album will be the band's fourth release, following 2007's Coastal, 2006's self-titled EP and Avoiding the Consequences-- Dave Herrera 

A Shoreline Dream becoming a reality

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