A sneak peek at 20:12 and Spoke In Wordz' "Por Aqui Por Alla"

Oh and speaking of local hip-hop videos: We just got a sneak peek of the new 20:12/Spoke In Wordz video for "Por Aqui, Por Alla." Premiering tonight at Casselman's, the clip is directed by esteemed director Eric Heights, from a track from 20:12's self-titled album, which carries a timely message of social justice and unity.

The current controversy surrounding Arizona's new immigration law makes the associated video particularly timely, and the unity part is rooted in "the need for Latinos to rise above the oppression we face in this country," says Spoke.

"The video was shot in various locations," he goes on to explain, "a horse ranch in Thornton, downtown Denver by the Ritz Carlton and yes La Raza park. The concept of the video is pretty much supposed to show different scenarios that we as Latinos participate in, such as working in the ranch, how we unite to protest, our traditions with lowriders; the cage scene represents how society sometimes makes us feel caged as criminals."

For his part in the clip (teaser posted below), Spoke is shown as an immigrant riding in the back of a truck, as well as a business man in a suit, portraying both ends of the spectrum. The full video will be premiered at Cassleman's tonight, Friday, July 30. The act's new mixtape featuring DJ Psycho also drops tonight. Sharing the bill with Spoke and 20:12 are DJs Chonz, Psycho and R Squared, as well as D A Dubb, King Devious, Get Some Entertainment, Soulceity, Hypnautic and King Tef.

20:12 music video (Sneak Peak) from Eric Heights on Vimeo.

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Dave Herrera
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