A. Tom Collins joins Atomic Music Group roster

A. Tom Collins recently submitted its music to be considered for a support slot for Reverend Horton Heat's show at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs on Saturday, December 28. Not only did the act land the gig, but it ended up getting picked up by the Atomic Music Group, an international booking agency that represents acts like the good Reverend, along with Agent Orange, Dick Dale, Supersuckers and Ha Ha Tonka.

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Alex Hebert, A. Tom Collins's drummer, says that after submitting for the Black Sheep gig, Virgil Dickerson of the Greater Than Collective, the band's label, got a call from the head of AMG, who said he was really interested in working with the group.

"Everything from there happened pretty fast," says Hebert. "AMG ended up picking up our agent, Philip Barrett of Holy Underground, who got to bring along some of the other Colorado acts he represents. So, really, it was a big win for us, Philip, and some other great local acts, who now have access to legit national representation."

Hebert says that one reason the outfit likes AMG is that the agency represents hard-working career acts like the aforementioned Reverend Horton Heat, Dick Dale, and the Supersuckers -- "bands that have made careers being out on the road for many years and delivering great rock and roll," he points out, "but aren't necessarily big commercial successes. Alongside that, they invest in younger acts like Ha Ha Tonka and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, who are definitely making noise right now."

"Also, having our own guy here in Denver looking after our interests is really appealing," Hebert concludes. "Whereas the alternative could be signing with a bigger agency and being the eighth or ninth acts on an agent's roster, who would have far more interest in spending his or her time chasing bookings for an act that is already making money."

A. Tom Collins is gearing up for a busy 2014, with a European tour booked for February, followed by a return to South by Southwest, followed by a full tour in the spring. At some point, the band will also get back in the studio in the spring and start working on the followup to its latest album, Stick & Poke.

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