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Aerosmith at the Pepsi Center, with Cheap Trick, 8/1/12

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Before playing the first hint of new material ("Oh Yeah"), Tyler complimented the crowd ("Sexy! You are sexy!") and then asked it for feedback: "You like the new shit or the old shit? Old shit? My bad!" He then, with a grin on his face, ignored the answer, instead crooning straightforward lady-loving lyrics about all the things he'd do for you, baby, as much of the crowd sat down.

While the band's powerful guitars -- and constant solos -- occasionally overwhelmed even Tyler's glass-shattering vocals, the performance continued to wobble between show and spectacle territory. After Joey Kramer took center stage, beat out a solo using both hands and elbows and earned three rounds of applause, Perry took to the spotlight to sing lead vocals on "Combination" and the Fleetwood Mac cover, "Stop Messin' Around." But there's nothing an Aerosmith fan likes quite as much as Tyler and Perry together (not even Tyler humping the stage -- or via the video camera, the face of the tech holding it), and so the first set closed as it began, with the two rock stars singing, mouths stretched agape, into the same mike.

On the other hand, there's nothing Aerosmith seems to like more than a good entrance, and a smoke-filled one at that. After a short wait full of raucous applause, Tyler rose from the stage once again, tickling a white piano in a smoky white haze as Perry wielded his axe on top of it. At this point, the audience's hope of hearing "Dude Looks Like a Lady," "Cryin'" or any number of other hits fell to pieces like so many specks of confetti floating above their seats. As Tyler concluded his final acrobatics and Perry whipped his torn shirt across the stage, thousands of tiny white dots landed on a sweaty crowd, tipping the balance firmly toward the side of spectacle.


Aerosmith Pepsi Center - 8/1/12 Denver, CO

01. "Draw the Line" 02. "Love in an Elevator" 03. "Same Old Song and Dance" 04. "Livin' on the Edge" 05. "Oh Yeah" (forthcoming album) 06. "Last Child" *drum solo* 07. "Rag Doll" 08. "Boogie Man" 09. "Combination" 10. "Stop Messin' Around" (Fleetwood Mac cover) 11. "The Peter Gunn Theme" (Henry Mancini cover) 12. "What It Takes" 13. "Legendary Child" (forthcoming album) 14. "Come Together" (Beatles cover) 15. "Rats in the Cellar" 16. "Sweet Emotion" 17. "Walk This Way"

ENCORE 18. "Dream On" 19. "Train-Kept-A-Rollin'" (Tiny Bradshaw cover)

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