Al Pacino to play Phil Spector: Don't leave out these potential scenes!

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Insisting his former wife, Veronica "Ronnie" Spector, carry a life-sized inflatable dummy

Truth or fiction, it doesn't matter, because if there is one story on this list that epitomizes crazy, it's the rumor that Phil Spector insisted Veronica place a life-sized dummy of him in the passenger seat of her car. We haven't a clue if this is true or if it ever actually happened, but it characterizes Spector as the exact kind of crazy he was: Megalomaniac.

Taking credit for Scorsese's career

Speaking of megalomania, few people are aware that Phil Spector (combined, perhaps, with John Lennon) is entirely responsible for Martin Scorsese's career. You see, Scorsese's film Mean Streets featured one of Spector's most iconic productions, "Be My Baby," but Scorsese never actually asked Spector if he could use it. According to Phil himself, John Lennon talked him out of suing the pants of off Scorsese, which according to Spector, means he's entirely responsible for Scorsese's career (and De Niro's, too, really). It's unclear, however, whether Spector believes he is directly responsible for other iconic American moments such as the landing on the moon or the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

His hatred of Tony Bennett

One thing we like about watching movies about crazy people is the subtle way filmmakers imply crazy without outright demonstrating it. Spector's story lends itself well to both, especially when you consider his complete and total hatred for (and obsession with) Tony Bennett. All they really need to do is put in lots of random, non-sequitur jabs at Bennett throughout the film.

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