Alf plays "Don't Play This Song on the Radio" on, well, the radio. What a rebel!

It's all Pinchers all the time around here. In case you can't tell, we're all sorts of giddy about this pair of reunion shows happening next weekend.

Hell, we've only been waiting for these gigs to take place for, what, like, eighteen years or so? And we purposely (well, some of us) avoided the Murder Pinchers set last weekend at 3 Kings, because, well, we want to have the full effect of seeing the original Pinchers lineup in its entirety (and with Dale Crover) at the Gothic.

As our excitement level continues to build with each day, you can only imagine how stoked we were to find this clip of Alf playing "Don't Play This Song On the Radio" a few nights ago on, well, the radio. Listen to the entire segment and the song after the jump in case you missed it. Oh and don't miss Hypnotic Turtle's interview with K.C. Kasum that we posted yesterday (we just added part two of the chat), plus the vintage Unmasking Satan footage.

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