Aloft in the Sundry SXSW tour diary

Saturday, March 20:

So we're here in Austin, Texas. We've been getting "Austonian," if you know what I mean. Heh. The drive down was pretty fresh ...well, for at least the first few hours. By the eighteenth hour, we were rockin the B.O. Sport for sure. It was nice riding down in the bus, though, with stand-up, drunken bus-surfing (not the driver, of course). We passed time quite proficiently.

We had Wednesday night to get acquainted with the locals and the eleventy billion other bands down here. Sixth street will steal your wallet ... a gnarly block with shows going down every few steps. It definitely makes me reiterate upon the love and pursuit of a dream -- and the ladies in their dresses and cowboots helps a lot in realizing that too. We played a two o'clock show at Shiners Saloon and brought a few in. Most people, like ourselves, were probably still sleeping off the night before -- a recurring theme, actually. 

After the show, we went back to the bus (parked FUCKING FOREVER AWAY) and checked on Fritz, our pit bull. Its not too hot down here, so he's been rolling with us on a permanent basis. But then we had to move and park again, further away because of some Old, Gold-Watch Texan. Didnt like us none, tellin him how ta ruhn his businass. Hooters in TX? Yes, please, miss. 

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Had another show at Shiners at 11 p.m. Thursday night, and we are glad to have shared the stage with our boys from CO. It feels good to bring that United Front for others to see and hopefully, continue a real movement. Anyway, today has been filled with guerilla marketing/promotional efforts, such as hooking our PA up to the bus and driving everywhere through town, passing out CDs while on the move. Literally. Handoffs in motion. Tonight, you ask? Well, of course, we're thirsty. Tomorrow? Another day, another show.
See ya soon, 303 kin,
j. and the boys Aloft.
p.s. Just wanted to use a post-script. alright

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