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Aloft in the Sundry's van breaks down on tour

Everybody wants to be in a band. From the outside, it all looks so glamorous, doesn't it, all the sex and drugs that go along with the rock and roll? If only they knew... Fact: In real life, the sex only leaves you with regrets or worse. The drugs don't end up with you in celebrity rehab, they end with you toe-tagged, destitute or in prison. For most local bands who haven't achieved Fray or the Flobots or 3OH!3 status, playing music is truly a labor of love with little to no payoff other than, of course, the intangibles -- the joy of creating art and the subsequent gratification, however fleeting, of having someone admire your art. There's times when it almost makes all the toil and sacrifice that it takes to be heard seem worth all it, regardless of the cost.

And then there's other times when you're on the road and your van breaks down and you think, 'You know what? Actually making money at this thing wouldn't be bad.' Those are the times when you're just hoping you can scrape together enough loot through merch sales to make it to the next city. Aloft in the Sundry, who's in the midst of tour right now, can probably relate to that sentiment right about now. In an all too familiar story, the outfit, which still has more than two dozen dates left on its current jaunt, is marooned in Montana right now waiting for a faulty part to be replaced.

With that in mind, now's probably a good time to mention that the act has made its current album, Fore, available for download on CDBaby for five bucks (well, $4.99). If you haven't already picked up the disc, it's well worth seeking out. Hell, if nothing else, in the very least, you can sleep better tonight knowing you did your part to help another batch of worthy yet struggling musicians continue the struggle.

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Dave Herrera
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