American Idol: Lilly Scott and Haeley Vaughn find out their fate

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American Idol fans who visit the show's website right now in search of which 24 contestants have been chosen to compete for the chance to become the next American Idol will notice that Lilly Scott and Haeley Vaughn's mugs are conspicuously missing. But that's only because the program is still airing on the West Coast, we presume -- either that or Fox's web team is out for drinks or something and can't be bothered.

Regardless, as we learned this evening, both Colorado girls made it through to the final 24. Tonight's show was only an hour, so the orchestrated drama was mercifully kept to a minimum, with precisely half the number of tearful breakdowns we had to endure last night. After giving the nod to half a dozen or so other hopefuls and showing the door to at least as many others (spoiler alert: Thaddeus Johnson gets robbed), Cowell and company finally revealed the fate of Scott and Vaughn.

Of course, as they're so fond of doing, the judges created plenty of suspense with their dependably coy commentary. In Scott's case, before the judges have a chance to weigh in, we're treated to a behind the scene's clip of Scott rehearsing "Rich Girl" with the band. She evidently flubs the intro by coming in too early, which prompts the band leader to chastise her. "Intro! Intro! Intro!" he croaks in exasperation.

Eventually, Scott's in front of the judges, who ask her how she thought she did this week. Scott admits to some struggles but notes that she fared well overall. Kara DioGuardi, the most outspoken of judges when Scott performed "Lullaby of Birdland" earlier in the weak, speaks on behalf of the other judges, starting off by telling Scott once again that's she's really unique.

"I wouldn't say that you have the biggest voice of all the girls," says DioGuardi. "And really this show is really about that in a lot of ways, who can sing the best -- highest notes, the most dyanmics..."

Ruh roh ...

But just as Scott's face is registering defeat, Dioguardi concludes her thoughts by saying, "I don't believe that's always the best singing, and that you're going through to the next round."

Cowell, meanwhile, who has one of the best poker faces in the business, leads us to believe that the decision could go either way for Vaughn. "Look," he tells her, "I think there's times when we see when we think you're fantastic. Other times, it could be a little annoying," at which point footage of Vaughn's least impressive performance thus far flashes on the screen.

And the waffling continues. "But you are super, super talented, and you adapt very well. I think you're going to work hard," he offers, before adding, "unfortunately, for you, you have to choose a year where we had a lot of strong girls." Next, cut to Randy Jackson's exchange with Tori Kelly, the gal Vaughn is pitted against for the last slot. Finally, after reiterating how hard the choice is and that there's only twelve slots available, Cowell gives Vaughn the good news; she's made the cut.

On tap for next week: On Tuesday night, Idol returns and we get to see how the girls fare against the other ten chanteuses.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.