American Idol: Varlet's Lilly Scott pulls golden ticket, on her way to Hollywood

Gonna guess that post-Idol chatter across the nation this morning is centered around Bikini Boy, aka Ty Hemmerling, the 26-year-old doofus that auditioned last night in a bikini. Novel, dude. Way to earn notoriety. Yawn. Even the judges were nonplussed (see their reaction after the jump). Around here, though, we're far more interested in Haeley Vaughn and Lilly Scott, two homegrown gals that pulled golden tickets and are on their way to Hollywood to make us all proud.

During her audition, Scott says the thing that sets her apart is her unique voice and then adds that people would be surprised that she's not a punk rocker, despite the hair, but rather that she's more of an indie/classic rock sort of person. Perhaps. Those who have seen her perform with Varlet, however, are not surprised at all. They've already been wowed by that unique voice, which splits the difference between Amy Winehouse and Adele. Godspeed, Lilly. We'll be pulling for you.

Vaughn, sixteen-years-old from Fort Collins, impressed Simon, Randy and company with her rendition of Carrie Underwood's "Last Name" (see clip below). Knock 'em dead, Haeley.

He's no General Larry Platt and "Achy Breaky Heart" is no "Pants on the Ground," but Hemmerling has ensured that Denver is well represented in the pantheon of kooks who have audition for American Idol. (These folks are aware that it's American Idol, right, and not American Idiot?)

Other highlights from last night...

"How can four people tell you you can't sing, and you know you're a good singer. Something has to be up with that." - Kenny Everett

"I wrote down what I want to accomplish before I die, and number 42 is make it to Hollywood on American Idol." - Austin Paul (Bisnow)

Austin Paul (Bisnow) at CU Idol around the same time last year. Don't miss the beat-boxing.

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