American Idol's Top 13 finalists revealed, Julie Zorrilla among those eliminated

Well, we've now officially lost our incentive to watch this season of American Idol -- not to mention our faith in America. See the smiling faces in picture right there? That's Idol's Top 13, as revealed last night. Notice one that's missing? One belonging to a certain bewitching Colombia-born, Denver-School-of-the-Arts alumni, with a furious sense of style, perhaps?

Indeed. Sadly, Julie Zorrilla was passed over last night -- despite the fact that grating faux-hawked hack James Durbin somehow made the cut. (Explain that one to us, will ya?) Ah, well, thems the breaks, as they say. Something tells us, though, that we haven't seen the last of Ms. Zorrilla, especially now that we've had a chance to see her final Hollywood Week performance in its entirety, an original number called "In Reverse." We've gotta imagine that somewhere there's a label exec rubbing his hands together excitedly.

Click through for highlights of Zorrilla's journey to the Top 24.

Girls Night

Top 24

Las Vegas, Beatles duet with Tim Halperin

Hollywood Week

San Francisco Audition

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