An exclusive sneak peek of Houses forthcoming Winter EP, due for August release at the hi-dive

Update (8/5/11): In honor of Houses two-night run at the hi-dive, which kicks off this evening, we've added two more tracks from the band's eagerly awaited Winter EP below for your streaming pleasure. Enjoy!

What a joyous morning this is! Houses has completed work on Winter, the final installment of its seasonal EPs, and we've managed to get on our hands on two tracks from the record, "Alone, Dear" and "Witches." The former opens the album, which we're told gets heavier and darker as it goes on. Recorded, ahem, in-house by Andy Hamilton and Mike Marchant, Winter is slated for release at the beginning of August at the hi-dive.

"We're really proud of this record," declares Marchant. "It took fucking forever to make, and we can't wait to share it with our fans and friends."

If you loved the previous three seasonal releases -- appropriately titled Spring, Summer and Fall -- we're certain you'll be equally as captivated by the new one. Like its predecessors, this one was mastered by Tom Dimuzio at Gench Studios (Widowers, Isis and Matmos) and features cover art by ever talented Kinsey Hamilton. Most importantly, though, the tunes -- at least the ones we've heard so far -- sound like the deepest and best classic rock ditties you've never heard.

Houses has scheduled a pair of release parties at the hi-dive on Friday, August 5, and Saturday, August 6. On the first night's bill, which also includes Bad Weather California and Fingers of the Sun, Houses will be playing the Spring and Summer EPs in their entirety. On the next night, the band will be performing songs from the Fall and Winter EPs, alongside A. Tom Collins, Fairchildren and Nyota (Constellations).

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.