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And the winners of the Tauntaun tickets are...

All right, the Tauntaun contest is over. Today's Friday, and we've picked the winners as promised. Thanks to everyone who entered. It was genuinely surprising to see how much everyone knows about Tauntaun, about the members past history, ie., what bands they've all played in (Sleeper Horse, Grace Like Gravity, Uphollow, Voices Underwater, Ian Cooke Band, Ian O, Drag The River, Rocky Votolato, Love Me Destroyer, Gamits, Pinhead Circus. Yes, we know that's eleven. We just learned how to count.), about Star Wars and where Tauntauns can be found (Hoth) and about what albums contribute to their sound (the general consensus seems to be Slayer's Reign In Blood, Master of Puppets by Metallica and a variety of Iron Maiden albums). Clearly, like us, y'all love you some Tauntaun. Anyhow, congrats to Theresa Mercado, Georgina Guidotti, Aaron Saye, Chris Bossom, Nathan Marcy and Shelly Drumm. You each won a pair of tickets to tonight's show, which will be awaiting you here at the Westword office. Feel free to stop by and claim your tix anytime from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Congratulations! See you at the show.

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