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Andy Caldwell at Beta

Los Angeles based Andy Caldwell claims his ambitions were small when he started out a decade and a half ago: He just wanted to hear his tunes on gigantic speakers in front of a huge crowd. It's safe to say that he's exceeded those expectations many times over by now. As a DJ, Caldwell has notched most of the superstar prerequisites: He's played Ibizan superclub Pacha, played gigs for stadium crowds of more than 50,000 partyers and led a float in the famous Berlin Love Parade. Hell, the man once opened for James Brown. He's an accomplished producer whose discography stretches back as far as the 1994 track "Superfunkidiculous" and up to the 2006 hit "Warrior." He's mixed fine entries for a variety of labels such as Bargroove and Om, including the well-regarded Om Dubai set. His style encompasses everything from crowd-pleasing electro house to deeper, soul-tinged house grooves — sometimes in the same set. Hear for yourself on Thursday, July 23, when he comes to Beta.

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