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Another Dose of XTC

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Right now, Partridge is casting about for a producer--or, as he puts it, "We've been putting our taut little buttocks about. It's a bit like flirting." At the same time, this famously stage-shy performer has actually begun to consider the prospect of touring again for the first time since English Settlement. But this time, he says, things would be different. Very different.

"I fancy playing off a truck," he announces. "Which is an old idea, of course--I mean, everyone's played off a truck. Everyone other than us, that is. I don't know why not. But it really appeals to me, probably because it doesn't have all the usual show-business connotations. The idea of being trapped in a phony show-biz zoo really appalls me, but somehow, playing on the back of a truck doesn't seem that fake to me. I don't know how the hell we'd play our orchestral songs like that; we'd probably just play the noisy stuff." He pauses for effect before commenting, "And if things aren't going too well, we could always just kick the cab and drive away.

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