Astroland hits Boulder this weekend

Note to the People of the People's Republic: In case you somehow haven't heard yet, your prayers have been answered. The astroid you've been praying for to hit your town has ... uh, what's that? Ah, right. That makes more sense, we suppose...

Ahem, actually, go ahead and disregard that bit about the astroid. Seems we got it twisted. (Our bad.) Turns out Astroland -- not astroid -- is hitting Boulder this weekend. An all ages DIY venue/art space of your own. How 'bout that?

After throwing a number of successful house shows under the same name, Zack Roif and company have moved into their own warehouse space, and are kicking things off this Sunday night with a show featuring Portamento and Light Travels Faster.

So what can you expect from Astroland? Glad you asked. Follow the jump to see what Zack has to say about the new space.

ASTROLAND will be your friend. we will be nice to you, and you should be nice to us. We will bring you post-lynchian-new-wave video installations , eclectic Eastern European noise rock, face melting electric guitar rock concerts, and other various means of electronic arts and music. Yet, most importantly, we will give you a warm feeling in your heart for being involved, and in attendence to the shows to come.

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