Backbeat Presents: An exclusive advance listen of King FOE and Whygee's Take a Bite Out of Dispensary Music EP

Update, 7/19/10, 4:20: MP3 downloads and EP art added after the jump.

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So we've been hearing about this project for quite some time now, and we've been eagerly following its progress on Twitter every day via updates from its co-stars, King F.O.E. and Whygee.

The project intrigued us for a variety of reasons, the biggest one of which perhaps was that it marked the first recorded collaboration between these two titans of hip-hop in Denver, who each received nods from us last year in our Best of Denver issue as the Best Rapper East of Colorado Boulevard and the Best Rapper West of Colorado Boulevard, respectively.

Until earlier this week, when the pair learned that DJ Quote, another past Best of Denver alum, and his protege, Iman S, have imminent plans to issue an identically titled release (Dispensary Music, as the FOE/Whygee release was originally named), Take a Bite Out of Dispensary Music (as the extended EP -- not mixtape, as it turns out -- is now titled) didn't have a release date set yet.

Spurred by impending release of the rival mixtape, which is reportedly set to drop on Monday, King Foe and Whygee wrapped production on their release last night and leaked it to us this morning. How the rivalry will pan out is for the streets to decide. In the meantime, though, with King FOE and Whygee's blessing, we're now sharing Take a Bite Out of Dispensary Music here with you. You can listen to it here in its entirety for the very first time anywhere, exclusively, all weekend long. And if you stop by on Monday morning, we'll have the MP3s posted for you to download.

So how is it? Well, we've listened to the disc straight through two times so far, and we're happy to report that it's every bit as good as we expected. Bite opens up with "Boondocks Intro," a snippet from the cartoon of the same name, presumably meant as a not-so subtle dig at the creators of the rival Dispensary Music project. From there the duo rolls gingerly into "Get It," a track produced by Al Catone and featuring Yonnas from The Pirate Signal, before seguing seamlessly into "Upside Down," which boasts a kindred, equally languid beat that doesn't bang so much as creep.

The same can be said for the bulk of the first half of the record -- none of these tracks seem to be in a hurry to get where they're going. Likewise, the MCs, particularly FOE, whose baritone croon anchors the hook on "Upside Down," have a downtuned, undoubtedly medicated flow that's almost screw-like in its tempo and texture.

While all of the cuts are compelling, the standout here is "Changes," produced by Savier and featuring Julox. Built around a chill Cranberries sample, the track glides effortlessly, bolstered by the unique and compelling flow of Julox, which is bookended by equally riveting turns of phrase from FOE and Whygee.

The duo turns their swagger up a few notches on "Best Friend," which has the most head-nodding hook on the record, before bringing it back down for the aptly named "Paranoid," and then back up for the closer, "Smoke Break," which has a grimy funk-steeped groove. Overall, the hazy stoner vibe, which is unmistakable, particularly on tracks like "Smoke Break," makes the whole thing feel like a easy-going mountain-bred distant cousin to classics like The Chronic.

So that's our knee jerk take on Take a Bite Out of Dispensary Music. Here's what Whygee has to say about the record:

Albums are hard to name and concept at times. You gotta have something relevant. I smoke a lot of marijuana everyday, so does KingFOE. When we first linked up on some studio/music type shit we smoked a lot of weed, and recorded some random songs that turned out pretty good. So we decided to do a project together. We didn't have a name for the project at first until one night when I was smoking and realized that we both had medical marijuana card -- in a city that has a dispensary every couple blocks in almost every neighborhood. Dispensary Music.

It was perfect, so perfect that it caught a lot of attention and motivated us to do something DOPE for the Colorado and Hip Hop Scene. We linked with a lot of different producers and local rrtists to give the people a thorough look into the current Colorado artist lifestyle. Recently, a local rapper and DJ have obviously stolen our "Dispensary Music" idea and plan to drop their Dispensary Music Mixtape on Monday. With that being said, we have to give you this "Take A Bite Out Of Dispensary Music Extended EP" to get our shit out there first. We also still promise to give you a full length Dispensary Music Album and a Very Special Official Dispensary Music Mixtape.

The album will be released shortly after the EP and features production from 800 the Jewell, TC Crook, Qknox, Big J Beats, Selko, aka Denver, Savier, Lenny Lenn and more. Also will feature MCs, Catch Lungs, Freddie Savage, Ichiban, Haven, Karma, Big House, Julox and more. We feel as though the album will be a classic that will be talked about for generations to come!

King FOE and Whygee Take a Bite Out of Dispensary Music Mixed and Mastered by Lenny Lenn


Boondocks Intro


Get It

featuring Yonnas (produced by Al Catone) 3.

Upside Down

(produced by Savier) 4.


featuring Julox (produced by Savier) 5.

Best Friend

(produced by Savier) 6.

Care Giver

featuring Catch Lungs (produced by Big J Beats of 1984/cuts by DJ Ear Attent) 7.


(produced by Souleternity) 8.

Smoke Break

featuring Haven (produced by Souleternity)

Click to download cover art

Click to download ZIP file of Take a Bite Out of Dispensary Music EP

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