Backbeat presents: An exclusive advance listen of the new Lion Sized album Cough Up Your Teeth

If you haven't had a chance to read Andy Thomas's excellent piece on Lion Sized in this week's paper, we're pleased as punch to let you that the band is back with a brand new album called Cough Up Your Teeth, which you can hear in its entirety after the jump and then pick up tomorrow night at the hi-dive with Accordion Crimes and Glass Hits.

Man, oh man, is it the goods! While ultimately the act more or less picks up right up where its self-titled EP left off, Teeth sounds, well, sharper and more jagged. "Lion Sized wraps themes of economics, love, sacrifice and death into high-energy mini-epics delivered in rapid succession," reads the act's MySpace page. Sounds about right. Give it a spin for yourself after the jump -- and see footage of the band getting pelted with paint by Tod Kapke and learn some fun facts about the recent financial meltdown our country recently endured.

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Dave Herrera
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