Bad Weather California hits the road

Bad Weather California, the quirky, handcrafted ensemble led by the inimitable Chris Adolf, is taking its show on the road. The short trek will take the outfit through the pacific northwest and through NoCal before leading it back to the Mile High City in time for its stint at Film on the Rocks. Hopefully folks out there will appreciate the band as much as we do -- Young Punks is among our favorite records of the year, especially "1992." Can't get enough of that tune. See the full dates and check out the videos for "New Religion" and "America" after the jump.

Bad Weather California
Summer 2009

08/05/09 - Grand Junction, CO - The Attic
08/06/09 - Garden City, ID - Visual Arts Collective
08/07/09 - Portland, OR - The Artistry
08/08/09 - Olympia, WA - Microfest!!!
08/09/09 - Seattle, WA
08/10/09 - Eugene, OR - Sam Bonds Garage
08/12/09 - San Fransisco, CA - Hotel Utah
08/13/09 - Oakland, CA - Lobot Gallery
08/14/09 - Davis, CA - Sophia's Thai Kitchen
08/15/09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Ct.
08/18/09 - Denver CO - Red Rocks

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